21 September 2010

"Fermé pour cause de travaux"

It's a popular sign throughout Paris during the summer. "Closed for remodeling."

Summer officially ended yesterday, meaning that anyone who still has this sign up is covering up the fact that they've gone under... or is enduring typical construction/administrative/plumber-not-fucking-showing-up delays endemic to doing business here.

The good news for loyal readers is that we have not gone under. In fact, we've got a backlog of delicious, dirty, and even degenerate fun to post about.

The bad news is that we were actually on vacation, goofing off, having fun, and generally slacking on the site redesign. So those of you who were about ready to delete this idle site from your RSS feeds or Google Reader or whatnot... DON'T!

We'll be back. Bigger. Badder. And more food porny.