13 January 2009

Alannah's Hot Tamales

It's not a sexual proposition but an honest-to-god question uttered by many Californians in Paris: "Whose dick do I have to suck to get some decent Mexican food around here!?"

99.9% of Mexican food in Europe is laughable at best. And for that .1% that isn't, you either have to be the ambassador from Mexico, loaded... or invited into our house. (So that should answer the question above...)

We've tracked down some South American corn masa, but for the proper Mexican stuff, we've stooped to trading favors. And with what little dignity we have, we make our own tortillas and Alannah makes tamales. While a simple concept overall, making a tamal is no simple task. It takes some agile fingers and a deft touch to roll just the amount of masa, cheese, and saucy meat filling into a corn husk - and most importantly, to tie it off with a little strand of more corn husk.

Alannah's good at this. Damn good. Especially since she cooks her carnitas all day in cast iron pot.

After that, it's easy - steam, peel, and eat. Maybe with some crema fresca and fresh avocados or guacamole. Luckily, those are easily available in France. No special favors necessary.

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